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One never wears jewellery and accessories for anyone but oneself.

“At ANK, we cherish the ethos that everyone should be an individual with style and tastes as unique as any fingerprint. It is in our design, our own style, and our very DNA. Rather than following in the footsteps of others, we blazed through our own path in life, for the person whom good fortune has never been a factor.”

Boldly courageous. Effortlessly sensual. Confidently cool. ANK couture body jewelleries and accessories are designed by Amy & Chloe Kingsley, for the person who wishes to gloriously revel in the romantic joy and quiet confidence of life.

In the spirit of that devotion, the conceptualisation of ANK began through the historical inspiration from the glamorous adornment of the Ancient Egyptians, the great influence of the Roman Empire, and the ornamental Grecians. From here, our collection grew to incorporate the inspiration from the lavish jewelleries of the Renaissance era, and the more recent styles from the 1920’s. Hence, our journey began…


Worth of sales



We remain thankful to our customers from around the world, since releasing our debut collection of ANK Jewellery in 2012. We have expanded to offer customers customisation that incorporate semi-precious, natural gems, and silver into their jewellery collection.

We are a small team and are truly focused on creating beautiful, affordable pieces that can be treasured by our cherished customers. Every email is carefully read, every concern and query is carefully responded to. We want to make the whole experience at ANK as personal as it can be. Whether our customer is a homemaker, an Egyptian princess, a career person, a bride, a Grecian empress, a Renaissance queen or all of the above… We want them to feel special.

At ANK, we encourage your freedom of expression.

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