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  • Hanniel Necklace
    Hanniel Necklace - Gold
    $ 185.00

    Golden Bead Necklace

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    Did you know, that glass beads were first created 3,500 years ago? Today, ANK has created the Golden Bead Necklace, a statement piece, with layers of coloured glass beads in rich hues to capture the grandeur of the ancient past. Handmade in gold, purple and silver glass beads, these statement Hanniel necklaces rest on the décolletage or just around the neck, depending on the adjustments made with the clasp. Wear yours with a formal updo, or even a casual one to make that statement. ANK jewelleries are handcrafted. Measurements (Approximate) Neckline: 40cm Extension:: 8cm Drop: 11cm Earring Drop:8.5cm MAKE A STATEMENT WEAR ANK Golden Bead Necklace
    $ 185.00
    $ 185.00

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