Kavod Body Chain

Kavod Body Chain

$ 255.00

The Kavod Body Chain, our second shoulder piece design, is inspired by our initial shoulder chain, the Abelardus, to carry the weight of nobility on one’s shoulder. The chains were fashioned to elegantly envelop both shoulders. Falling on the sides of the body. were fashioned to drape confidently on the shoulder, enveloping the curves and draping the front of the body.

ANK body chains are handcrafted.

Made from eco-friendly metal
Plating: Rhodium finish

Small, Medium to XLarge.
One size fits most.

To make it another material or style, visit CUSTOM ORDERS 

Charges may differ.

To retain your jewellery’s beauty, please see below.


Kavod Body Chain



The unique nature and construction process makes ANK jewellery comparable to a wearable piece of art, and therefore special care is required when worn, handled or stored. Please treat your jewellery with gentle care. Avoid perfume, lotions and other chemicals. However, if it does come into contact with water or perspiration, rinse with clean water and dry well. To retain your jewellery’s beauty, we recommend referring to the care guide enclosed with your order or visit our PRODUCT CARE. You could also contact us directly for further assistance.

Sizing & Styling
If you are concerned about sizing or styling, please send us an email at: sparkle@ankjewellery.com We will be happy to answer your concerns.

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