Precious Rainbow Heart Pendant Brooch

Precious Rainbow Heart Pendant Brooch

$ 650.00

This beautiful hand-crafted pendant is made in 925 Sterling Silver, encrusted with different types of precious and semi-precious stones. We love the dual functionality of this pendant brooch. Worn from day to night, as a pendant or a brooch. As a pendant, wear yours with a chain or a ribbon choker. This Precious Rainbow Heart Pendant Brooch tassles to complete the look.

Material: 925 Sterling Silver, Emeralds, Blue Topaz, Yellow Topaz, Brown Topaz, Pink topaz, Peridot
Finish: Coated.

This pendant has been coated to retard the silver from tarnishing. Please do not polish this pendant with silver polish as it will remove the coating. Do not dip in silver polish solution because of the natural stones used in this pendant/brooch. To clean, wipe with a clean soft cloth. Please read the care instructions below for further explanation.

Approximate Drop: 9.5cm
Approximate Width: 4cm


Precious Rainbow Heart Pendant Brooch


The unique nature and construction process makes ANK jewellery comparable to a wearable piece of art, and therefore special care is required when worn, handled or stored.

For our 925 Sterling Silver Collection, please note that some of our sterling silver pieces have a white gold finish or rhodium finish. These finishes retards tarnishing. It is best not to use silver polish or silver polish cloth on such pieces as it will remove the coating. Only pieces with natural sterling silver finishes can be polished with silver polish or with silver polish cloth.

Also, please be careful with natural stones. Most natural stones do not take well to the silver polish. Most of our Sterling Silver pieces with natural stones do have a coating on the silver to retard the tarnishing.

Like with our other pieces in the ANK collection, do take special care when the pieces are worn, handled or stored.  Please treat your jewellery with gentle care. Avoid perfume, lotions and other chemicals. However, if it does come into contact with water or perspiration, rinse with clean water and dry well. Do store your pieces in individual pouches or boxes. Please do not ‘dump’ them in one jewelry box.

To retain your jewellery’s beauty, we recommend referring to the care guide enclosed with your order or visit our PRODUCT CARE. You could also contact us directly for further assistance.

Custom Orders for 925 Sterling Silver

ANK have her workshop in Singapore that designs and handmade your custom order pieces. If you would like to have a piece of jewellery made, do contact Amy directly at or alternatively you could use our Custom Order form.

Sizing & Styling
If you are concerned about sizing or styling, please send us an email at: We will be happy to answer your concerns.

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