Repairs & Redesign

ANK Jewellery is pleased to offer repair and redesign services.
Repair services are offered for items purchased from recent collections, approximately within 3 months if purchase. Repairs services are also offered to older collections but this does depend on the availability of parts. Should the parts be unavailable, we could offer substitutes. Where possible, we are also able to redesign the piece, this depends on the items and parts available. Do contact us at


We highly recommend that you send items back to us via Registered Mail which needs to be signed for delivery for security purposes. We cannot accept responsibility for parcels lost in transit. Customer need to provide the necessary dispatch note or receipt where applicable, together with a contact telephone number or email address.


For all other repairs we will make an assessment. ANK will advise you accordingly of the applicable charge before going ahead with any work. Postage, to and fro for the product will be borne by the customer.


Please note that where possible, we are at times able to assess repair through a clear picture, however, depending on the situation, at times we can only assess a repair by having the item in front of us.


If we are able to assess the repair through the picture, we will advise you accordingly, otherwise we would need to wait to have the actual product in hand before making an assessment. Contact us here today for your assessment or you could email us at

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